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Sydney, Tuesday 30/10/07
Stanko's Wedding Card
Stanko's Wedding Card - click to enlargeStanko is going to get married on 17/11/2007. Have a look at his wedding card - click to enlarge it! Happy marriage Stan and Barborka!
Sydney, Tuesday 30/10/07
Stanko's Farewell Party

Picture: Stanko with his manager drinking together last timeStanko had his farewell party on Sunday in the restaurant. Michal gave him a keg of Gambrinus beer. It was a great night, everybody was enjoying good beer, Stanko was taking care of everybody. We bring exclusive pictures from the party.

Thanks Michal for providing us with the restaurant premises for the party!

Stanko will leave Australia on Thursday. Good luck to you and let us know how you are going in Beladice, SK.

Sydney, Monday 08/10/07
Michal Jicha Coming Back!
Michal Jicha with Barborka Koncalova, soon TokarovaMichal Jicha has been granted a new visa and should come back to Australia at the end of October. It is a good news for us. Michal should become our new head chef. Michal was working for almost 2 years in the restaurant and then he came back to the Czech Republic. Recently, he decided to help us out and go back to Sydney with the aid of Australia Online. We are looking forward to seeing you Michal soon!
Sydney, Monday 08/10/07
Prague Czech Beer Restaurant Celebrates 3 years!
We have been here for 3 years! Prague Czech Beer Restaurant provides its services to Sydney guests such a long time! And we are going to celebrate this big event. All staff is invited on Monday 8/10/2007 at 9.30pm to the restaurant. The event will be held on the front terrace.
Sydney, Monday 01/10/07
Stanko - Star of August 2007

Star of August 2007 - ResultsIt happened what we did not see before. The dramatic poll finished with Stanko's big winning. In total there were 159 votes, Stanko got 58% of them. Although Pavel did not win, he got the second most number of votes in the history. Congratulations to both of them to nice results. But the winner can be only one! And Stanko became the winner with the most received votes in the history - 93!!!! We have to say, that Beladice and other Slovak people helped Stanko out a lot. Also Pipik might have influenced this poll. Anyway, it means that many people love Stanko and he deserves to win - congratulations to Stanko!!!

More info about our fourth Star - Stanko and an exclusive interview with him coming soon!

Sydney, Monday 01/10/07
Vote Star of September 2007

We have got four nominations for September. Who is going to become our fifth Star of the Month? The following battle looks dramatic again.
Ivan - deputy manager of Prague Czech Beer Restaurant Ivan - he has been once nominated, but in the Star of April, he was beaten by Irca. The person who nominated Ivan said: "Bol som mimoriadne spokojny s jeho obsluhou.Skoda,ze nemate takych viacej." So this is your second chance, Ivan!...
Ondrej - our former head chefOndrej - our former head chef. It is the second chance for him too. He lost the tight battle for the Star of March against Saxana by 3 votes! Ondrej was leading our kitchen over two and half years. As the reason of nomination we got: "Long term contribution to the restaurant development and a good friend." Do you like Ondrej? Give him your vote!
Michal - owner of Prague Czech Beer RestaurantMichal - owner of the restaurant. He was nominated for positive changes in the restaurant. Michal bought new equipments to the kitchen, cutleries for floor staff, organised the cleaning day and fixed or got broken stuff fixed. Do you think Michal should be the star? So vote for him!
Stanko - Star of August 2007Stanko - our record-man, last star of the month! He is the first person who got a chance to defend his win from previous Star. There is no need to introduce him again. Stanko got most nominations for September, e.g.: "Kolegom v praci odkaz, ze nech sa nehnevaju, ale my sme tiez tvoji zakaznici - konzumenti, hoci nie v tejto restaruacii. A pretoze pozname tvoje kvality, musime ti dat hlas :) Mali by si to uvedomit aj tvoji sefovci a patricne tie tvoje prednosti ocenit :), ze im to odporucam." Or: "mas moj hlas papa Valec". Or: "I think that he is funky". Or: "Lebo ho mam rada".

You can vote till the end of September!

Sydney, Saturday 22/09/07
Leos Resigned!!! Who Is Gonna Be Next?
Leos Ryba - our cookLeos Ryba - another kitchen employee who has resigned. Leos issued the "letter of resignation" on Friday. So Leos is following Janko! What a coincidence! We can speculate on his plans, but wherever the truth is, Leos is leaving us. Leos said he shall be employed as a "horse-sitter".
Sydney, Thursday 27/09/07
Honzik on the Way Out, He is the Next One...
Picture: Jan Kosuta - assistant managerHonzik decided to make a big change in his life and he is going leave the restaurant soon. His last shift will be on Sunday 7th October 2007 - one day before the restaurant celebrates 3 years of life-time. Good luck Honza!!!
Sydney, Thursday 20/09/07
How Ivan Is Enjoying His Stay in Slovakia...
Picture - Ivan in SlovakiaIvan in is Piešťany, Slovakia. He sent us a few pictures from his stay there. You can watch them, just click here or visit our Photogallery. Ivan drinks cherry brandy and enjoys being with girls there. He lives the life with a low rate :-) You can contact Ivan on or on Slovak phone number +421 915 104 382
Sydney, Thursday 20/09/07
Adam Pack - Our New Manager

Picture: Adam Pack - our new managerAdam Pack - it's the name of our new manager. He is an Australian with Czech ancestors. He does not speak Czech, but he looks like he will try to learn Czech. He loves Gambrinus beer! Since he got the first taste of Gambrinus, Prague Czech Beer Restaurant staff one day before Adam's cominghe can not compare Czech beer with Australian Carlton or Tooheys New, which he used to drink before. We are going to ask Adam for an interview, hopefully he will not reject it and then we'll bring it to you. Welcome Adam to the world of the best beer and Prague Czech Beer Restaurant!

Sydney, Thursday 20/09/07
Janko in Termination Period!
Picture: Leos and JankoOur chef Janko decided to quit. He announced it to us on Monday. Janko is going to a Greek restaurant. He said he had got a better offer and promotion there. It means that we have last 2 weeks with Janko and Pipik should become our new head chef! We are looking for new chefs and there are some rumours that Michal Jicha could come back to Australia.
Sydney, Thursday 20/09/07
We Had a Big Cleaning Day
Michal Sestak - cleaning floorOn friday 7th September 2007 we had a big cleaning day. Everybody who had time came and was cleaning the restaurant. Not only restaurant rooms were cleaned, but the whole house was done and all mess cleaned up. We had a 10-hour shift and we did many things like wall painting, floor and kitchen cleaning. Michal fixed all broken chairs and tables. Would you like to see how we worked? Just click here...
Sydney, Friday 14/09/2007
Beladice Entered The Poll - Beladice Beating Voting Records

Small Village in Slovakia - BeladiceA small village in Slovakia - Beladice with 1535 inhabitants (source: http://www. and soon with 1536 people (with Stanko's and Barborka's baby, maybe 1537???) - started to influence our August Star Voting. After 12 days the voting record was beaten. When Saxana won the Star, there were 57 votes. We are over 60 votes now and there are still many days left. Stanko's background is just from Beladice. And who does Beladice give its votes for? We can guess, Stanko got 10 votes over one night....

Furthermore, Stanko has been nominated again for September Star. So he will get a chance to defend his triumph if he wins, or he'll get the second chance to become the star.

Sydney, Friday 14/09/2007
There Is No Ondrej in the Restaurant Any Longer

Ondrej - our former head chef As we informed you recently, Ondrej had changed his mind and decided to stay in the restaurant. After changes in the management Ondrej made another decision - to quit! We do not know whether this decision has any connection with on-going changes in the restaurant. Anyway we will miss Ondrej! His last shift was on Sunday 9th September 2007. He was one of the best and quickest chefs in the restaurant history and a very good friend of all of us. He always helped friends when needed.

As we know Ondrej, we think he can not be without cooking. So, we are curious on his further activities. At the moment, he is running new business with Pavel (former Prague Czech Beer Restaurant manager) relating to Mattoni products and their import to Australia and distribution.

Thanks for being with us Ondrej and good luck to you! Ondrej can still be contacted on

Sydney, Tuesday 04/09/2007
New Pictures - Ivan Before Departure to Slovakia
Ivan temporarily left us on Wednesday 29th August 2007. He had a few parties before his departure. We bring some pictures from one of them. Click here or go to our photogallery.
Sydney, Tuesday 04/09/2007
Vote Star of August 2007

Who is going to be our fourth Star of the Month? This will answer our next poll. We have got 2 nominations: Pavel and Stanko:
Pavel - He was working in the restaurant since its opening to Sunday 26th August 2007. As a manager he brought the restaurant to three nominations for Awards for Excellence (2005, 2006 and 2007). Pavel has got record-breaking number of nominations - 6. If you like Pavel and you would like him to be on record for good, give him your vote.
Stanko - our chef assistant. Stanko has been working in the restaurant almost from its opening. He started to work as a kitchen-hand. We know he would be able to work as a chef, but he does not want and wants to assist the other chefs only. The person who nominated Stanko for the Star of August said: "Stanko is the best!". Do you think the same? So vote for him!

You can vote till the end of September!

Sydney, Thursday 30/08/2007
We were nominated for 2007 Awards for Excellence in the Category "BEER CAFÉ"

We were nominated for the third time in a row for Awards for Excellence of Restaurant & Catering NSW. This year, it was in the category BEER CAFÉ. Unfortunately we did not win, but the nomination itself is a great success. Bavarian Bier Café - York, Sydney became the winner. The other nominated restaurants in our category were:

Époque - Belgian Beer Café, Cammeray
Heritage Belgian Beer Café, The Rocks
Löwenbräu Keller, The Rocks
The James Squire Brewhouse & Restaurant, Sydney

You can find detailed info on the official website of Rest. & Cat. NSW

Sydney, Thursday 30/08/2007
Pavel and Romana Discontinued Activities in Prague Czech Beer Restaurant

Pavel Valter - former manager of Prague Czech Beer RestaurantRomana - former bartender and deputy manager of Prague Czech Beer Restaurant Pavel and Romana do not work with us any more. They finished working in the restaurant on last Sunday. Both of them were in the restaurant when the restaurant was being opened and they were managing it since its opening on 4th October 2004.

Pavel as a manager brought the restaurant to three nominations for Awards for Excellence of Restaurant and Catering NSW (2005 - New Restaurant, 2006 - European Restaurant, 2007 - Beer Café).

Thanks for working with us and good luck to you!

Sydney, Wednesday 22/08/2007
Video - Michal Saying Bye Bye
Video clip: Michal Saying Bye Bye
Download file for external player
VideoFormat: wmv
File size: 1.25 MB
Duration: 66 s
Resolution: 176/144 px
You can also download a version for mobile phone in 3gp format (1.14 MB).
Sydney, Wednesday 22/08/2007
Gabina Has Gone!

our former waitress GabcaAnother our employee has left us. Gabca had her last shift on last Sunday. She plans to travel with her boyfriend around Australia and they will come back to Marianske Lazne/Czech Republic. Good luck Gabca and let us know about your farewell party!

You can still contact Gabina on We are preparing a new web service so that you will be able to contact any former employee via web. Old e-mail addresses of former employees are still valid. Their list is coming soon.

Sydney, Friday 17/08/2007
Video - Kacka's Last Clock Out
Video clip: Kacenka's Last Clock Out
Download file for external player
VideoFormat: wmv
File size: 759 kB
Duration: 22 s
Resolution: 176/144 px
You can also download a version for mobile phone in 3gp format (383kB).
Sydney, Friday 17/08/2007
Stanko and Barborka Are Going to Have a Baby
It is breaking news and happy event! Stanko is gonna be a dad and Barborka a mum!!! When did that happen? Probably in Hyatt hotel in Seoul in Korea on their way to Europe. Have nice moments with your baby!
Sydney, Thursday 09/08/2007
Nominate New Star for August
Click to enlarge the pictureWe did not receive any nomination for May and June, and for July we got one nomination with no reason stated. Will we finally get any nomination for August? Nominate your new star of the month! You can do that ON-LINE! Have a look at the right side of your screen and fill the form out for your nomination. You can nominate anyone who you think deserves to become the new star. It is anonymous nomination, but please, state a reason why the person should be the star, otherwise the nomination will not be accepted. Send us your nomination on or make it ON-LINE until 31/08/2007.
Prague, Thursday 05/07/2007
Honzik in Europe! Ivan Will Go Soon!

Honzik is travelling with his girlfriend Margaret around Europe. We got messages that they have already visited Austria, Slovakia and the Czech Republic. So have nice holidays Honza and Max!

But we have shocking news - our friend Ivan should go to Europe soon. He has not been at home for three years! Ivan have a safe trip!

Prague, Thursday 05/07/2007
Brano and Woodi Going Home!

Brano - chefBrano and Woodi(Kamil/Honza) - another two name who are going to leave us soon. They will come back to Slovakia and the Czech Republic. Woodi - our waiterWoodi is said to open a new business in Europe. Good luck guys!

Prague, Thursday 05/07/2007
Ondrej Changed His Mind and Stays with Us
As we informed you a few months ago that Ondrej was going to leave us, it is not true any more. It has happened what we had expected. Ondrej changed his mind and will be still our head chef!!! Thanks Ondrej, we like you....
Prague, Thursday 05/07/2007
Do You Need a Flight Ticket for Affordable Price? ABC Travel and Holly Kim Is Here to Help You.

Do you plan to travel overseas? Would you like to get cheaper air fare? Are you tired by Flight center, STA or other travel agents offers? So try ABC Travel and their travel consultant Holly Kim. Many of us have good experience with them. You can find them on the following address:
ABC Travel House
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When you come there, ask for Holly Kim. Or you can make an appointment with her on +61 2 9221 0086 or e-mail address:

Prague, Sunday 01/07/2007
Stanko, Barborka and Ales in Europe!
Finally, after 2 years Barborka and Stanko are going back to Europe and and Ales after a year. They spent a night in Seoul, Korea and then they continued travelling to Prague. In Prague they met Michal and Kacenka (former employees of Prague Czech Beer Restaurant). We bring exclusive pictures and stories from their trip.
Prague, Thursday 05/07/2007
Nominate New Star for July
Click to enlarge the pictureWe did not receive any nomination for May and June. Will we get any nomination for July? Nominate your new star of the month! You can do that ON-LINE! Have a look at the right side of your screen and fill the form out for your nomination. You can nominate anyone who you think deserves to become the new star. It is anonymous nomination, but please, state a reason why the person should be the star. Send us your nomination on or make it ON-LINE until 31/07/2007.
Marianske Lazne, Thursday 21/06/2007
Exclusive interview with Saxana
picture - VerunkaSaxana won the Star of March 2007. We were interviewing Saxana and here are her answers:
Her full name is Veronika Snajdrova. She was born on 23rd May, so she is 19 years old now. She said she did not remember her height and she did not comment her weight. More answers here.
Sydney, Friday 18/05/2007
Photogallery Completed!
All pictures from all important events are accessible from the Photogallery. New 16 events have been added. So now, you can see pictures from staff parties, NSW Restaurant & Catering Awards or how we celebrated the success of Czech hockey players in WC Vienna 2005 and many other pictures.
Sydney, Saturday 12/05/2007
Saxana and Adriana Have Gone!
picture - VerunkaSaxana alias Verunka and Adriana decided to leave the restaurant. Verunka will go back to the Czech Republic to finish her studying. Adriana stays in Australia, picture - Adriana but she wants to try a different job. Let's say: Good luck to both of them. Who wants to see Saxana last time before departure to Europe, you have got the chance on Saturday 19th May in the restaurant. If you want to cantact them, you can write an e-mail on: or
Sydney, Saturday 12/05/2007
Nominate a New Star for May - ONLINE Nomination

Star of March - click to enlarge pictureThe May-nomination phase started a bit earlier, so you have more time to nominate. Nominate your new star of the month! You can do that ON-LINE! Have a look at the right side of your screen and fill the form out for your nomination. You can nominate anyone who you think deserves to become the new star. It is anonymous nomination, but please, state a reason why the person should be the star. Send us your nomination on or make it ON-LINE until 01/06/2007.

Sydney, Saturday 12/05/2007
Vote for the Star of April 2007

This voting promises to be very interesting. Our internet desk received the following nomination:

picture - IvanIvan - a head waiter and deputy manager when Pavel or Romca are not on service. Ivan has been working in the restaurant since the beginning. His responsibility is a smooth functioning of the restaurant, leading other waiters and customer satisfaction.
picture - IrcaIrca - our bartender and former upstairs area head waitress. She has been working in the restaurant since its opening as well. She helps Ivan make things go well when Ivan is busy and, of course, she is responsible for drinks making.

... hard to decide, isn't it?

Sydney, Friday 04/05/07
Pictures that are forbidden!
Now, you see pictures that are not publicly available on our web. But! You have to know username and password. You can apply for them on If we approve you as an eligible person, we will send you the login details. Then you can click here to see the pictures.
Sydney, Tuesday 01/05/2007
Happy Birthday Kamil/Woody/Honza/Jakub!!!
Honza Šťastný is our waiter. Last Sunday he celebrated 21 years. Happy birthday Honza! Honza has many nicknames: Kamil, Woody, Jakub. We are expecting celebration :-)
updated: Friday 04/05/07
Sydney, Tuesday 01/05/2007
Nominate a New Star for April - ONLINE Nomination

Star of March - click to enlarge pictureNominate your new star of the month! You can do that ON-LINE NOW! Have a look at the top-right corner of your screen and fill the form out for your nomination.

May has come and we are looking for a new star of April. You can nominate anyone who you think deserves to become the new star. State a reason why the person should be the star too. Send us your nomination on or make it ON-LINE until 09/05/2007.

Sydney, Tuesday 01/05/2007
Congratulations!!! We Have Got Our Second Star of the Month! Voting was tight and dramatic 53:47%

Saxana (Verunka) - our waitressOnly 3 votes decided that Verunka-Saxana is becoming our Star of March!
The final result is:
Saxana 30 votes / 53%
Ondrej 27 votes / 47%.

The voting was dramatic till the last minute. Nobody was sure who would win. There is one more record - 57 people took part in voting. The first star (Pipik) was voted by 25 votes only. We are preparing interview with Saxana.

Sydney, Tuesday 01/05/2007

- GUESTBOOK - A new service called guest book was reported as not working. The problem has been fixed. So you can leave a long messages now (it is its greatest advantage - LONG)! You can also better react to a message who someone else left there.

Sydney, Tuesday 01/05/2007
Archive Section! No Article Is Gonna Be Lost
As you can see above, there is a new section - ARCHIVE - there you can find all articles published on the web.
Sydney, Wednesday 11/04/2007
A 2-week Break on the Web!

We apologize to all our visitors, but in the following two weeks the administator of the web is on a trip to Thailand. So there will not be any new articles on the web. But you can still participate:
- vote for our star of march
- write messages into FastText and GuestBook services
- write e-mails to our employees (e-mail adresses you can find in the contact list).

We have got some suggestions what to add to the web like - former employees section - but your participation is needed - tell us something new about you, what you are doing now, send some new pictures of you to us and so on...

Have a great time all of you!!!!
Web Administrator

Sydney, Wednesday 11/04/2007
Can You See a Difference? We Have a New Waitress...
Veronika Uhliarova - our new waitress New people are still coming to us. Since the last week we have got a new waitress Veronika. She is the third waitress with this name within the last 6 months. Is not it interesting?Kacenka Dekanova - our former waitress. What a coincidence?... Moreover, do you remeber the girl on the picture on the right? Do the girls look similar? But it is a real piece of luck... Another speculation is - for WHO? :-) New updated list of employees, you can see here...
Sydney, Wednesday 11/04/2007
Vote Our Star of March! Ondrej or Saxana(Verunka)???
Ondrej - our head chef Saxana (Verunka) - our waitress That was a very difficult nomination. Onder or Saxana(Verunka)? That's the question for the rest of April. You have time to vote our star of March till the end of April. Why those two?
Ondrej - he is our head chef almost since the opening. Especially Ondrej made our restaurant be so good in meals cooking and preparing! Ondrej never has a bad mood, he is always smiling with a good heart.
Saxana(Verunka) - she made the biggest progress in working in the restaurant. Do you remember as she looked like "Saxana" from the famous Czech movie when she took a job here? And she has completely changed her image and started to work very well. Nowadays she is one of our best waitresses, maybe the best...?.... Hard to decide.... So, vote for your STAR!
Sydney, Tuesday 10/04/2007
Happy Birthday Pipik!

Picture - Pipik and Romca.Pipik celebrated his 23 birthday on Sunday. All staff congratulated him on his birthday. The party finished at 3am in Pipik's favourite Vegas hotel in Kings Cross. Picture: Pipik and Pavel.We bring many pictures from this day - click here. The pictures are also accessible from the Photogallery.

Sydney, Tuesday 10/04/2007
We have a new cook!
Picture - BranislavBranislav is our new cook. We do not know much about him yet. He is a Slovak. Welcome to us Brano! Another question is coming to our minds - what's gonna be with Ondrej? Let's hold on, time will unveil this issue. Click here to get the Full list of our employees.
Sydney, Thursday 05/04/2007
New Features Active on the Web

- PHOTOGALLERY - new section where you can find many pictures relating to our restaurant and employees. Have fun with us!

Sydney, Thursday 05/04/2007
New Features Active on the Web

- GUESTBOOK - new guest book is working! You can leave long messages now! You can know the service FastText where you can place a short message that is displayed on the main page of our web. From Thursday 05/04/2007 you can use the long message service called "Guest Book". You can also better react to message who someone left there. So, what are you waiting for?...

Sydney, Wednesday 04/04/2007
Danka and Veronika Have Gone for Good. We Have Got Adriana!
Danka last time at her workplaceDanka travelled around Australia, she came back to say last good bye to her friends and former coleagues. It was a long night on last Sunday. Danka, good luck to you!!!
Veronika waitressVeronika, the girl who started to work with us on Valentine's day has gone too. She decided to quit and found a new job in a travel agency. Good luck to you Veronika in your new job!
Adriana - our new employeeAdriana is our new waitress. She is a Slovak, so Ivan will finally understand somoone who speaks his language... Adriana welcome to us and have fun with us!
Sydney, Wednesday 04/04/2007, by Antonin Pavelka:
Knut Will Stay Alive (Knut Bude Žít)

Martin Knut - our chefTony decided to write a story about Martin Knut - our chef. We bring this story in original Czech language:
Knut je zachránen!
Experti hrozili, že mládì ledního medveda, které je vychováváno lidmi poté, co ho matka odvrhla, ceká smrtící injekce. Nyní je rozhodnuto: Knut bude žít!

Proti úmyslu Knuta zabít protestovaly v Nìmecku davy dospìlých i dìtí. "Výchova mládìte ledního medveda lidmi je hrubé porušení prírodních zákonù," prohlásil totiž ochránce zvírat Frank Albrecht (37).
Pobouøení milionù Nemcù však dotlaèilo berlínskou zoo ke zmìnì názoru.
Knut je po 30 letech prvním mládetem ledního medveda, které se v Nìmecku narodilo v zajetí. Má se cile k svìtu a váží už devìt kilo.

updated 04/04/2007:
Sydney, Sunday 25/03/2007
Nominate a New Star for March

We have got no nomination yet! So, Nominate your new star of the month!

April has come and we are looking for a new star of March. You can nominate anyone who you think deserves to become the new star. State a reason why the person should be the star too. Send us your nomination on until 08/04/2007. A few last days!!!

Sydney, Sunday 25/03/2007 by Ladislav Buday (Pipik):
Prague Restaurant Bowling Tournament

Prague Restaurant held a bowling tournament for employees who did not have to work on 14/03/2007. Pipik wrote an article with information from the tournament in Czech language:

Prague beer restaurant poprve poradalo oficialni turnaj v bowlingu. Turnaj se konal ve Fox studiu v Centennial Park Sydney.
Click here for full info.

Sydney, Wednesday 21/03/2007
Danka Has Gone, We Have a New Employee Honza
Honza Stastny - a new waiterDanka is away forever. We have got a new colleague Honza. More info about Honza is coming soon. The new list of all employees you can see here.
Sydney, Monday 19/03/2007, updated Wednesday 21/03/2007
Congratulations!!! Pipik Is Our First Star of the Month
25 votes have decided that Pipik becomes the February Star of the Month. Pipik has got 68% of all votes. Do you want to know more about our Pipik? Just click here
Sydney, Wednesday 11/03/2007 by Jan Kosuta:
UEFA Champions League - New season 2007 in progress
The first competition of the new season had unbelievable results. Pipik started in very poor form, he did just two points from two draws. He was so tired as usual so he drank red bull and then he fell into a deep sleep. But the competition did not stop it was just starting... More info here
Sydney, Wednesday 11/03/07
How many people have already visited our pages? We have broken 100 sessions!
It is a little bit incredible. Since we started our page counter (on 27/02/2007), we have had more than 100 visitors on our pages. It is a much better result than we hoped. The detailed statistics you can find here.
Sydney, Sunday 04/03/2007
Kacenka Writes from Europe
Kacenka with her former head waiter IvanKacenka has come back to Europe and last week she wrote us an e-mail. Here you can read its full version in Czech language:

hola vsichni!

tak konecne par radek... sem chronicky nepsavec, bohuzel:)

navrat jako po masle: zadnej velkej sok, vse vicemene pri starem. par veci samo skripe, ale nic zasadniho. jen dobry den je divnej pozdrav, jako by tomu neco chybelo... a taky je pravda ze se lidi moc nesmejou a sou mnohem chladnejsi...- Full e-mail here

Sydney, Wednesday 28/02/2007
Our Star of the Month Launched
Pipik Danka Now, you got a chance to vote for your Star of the Month. We are carrying out a survey. Based on your votes we will find the star. Who has been nominated?
- Pipik (for his calming down and a new nice relationship to a waitress)
- Danka (for her loyalty and long-term contribution to a restaurant development)
You can also nominate your star of the month - send us an e-mail on with your nomination and a reason why you nominate the employee. The voting finishes on Sunday 18/03/2007!
Sydney, Monday 26/02/2007
Danka has changed her mind and extended her stay in the restaurant
Our waitress DankaDanka has changed her mind and decided to take another two shifts in the restaurant. So she is going to say last Good Bye to her workmates this coming Tuesday. We are curious what she is preparing for her last working day on Tuesday.
Danka has been working for almost two years in the restaurant. We will miss her! She should travel around Australia and then come back to Moravia - to a small city Prostejov. You can send her an e-mail on
Sydney, Monday 26/02/2007
Leos is not Kitchenhand any more
Leos cought at the Christmas staff partyAfter many complains we have decided to change an official name of the position of our employee - Leos. Originally he was "kitchenhand", head chef Ondrej agreed that Leos is an assistant of the head chef, so the position name has been changed on the contact list page. Congratulations Leos - you are not a kitchen hand any more.
Sydney, Monday 26/02/2007
Vote Our Star of the Month
You will get a chance to vote for a Star of the Month. We are going to carry out a survey. Based on your votes we will find the star. The web administrator has chosen the following nomination:
- Pipik (for his calming down and a new nice relationship to a waitress)
- Danka (for her loyalty and long-term contribution to a restaurant development)
You can also nominate your star of the month - send us an e-mail on with your nomination and a reason why you nominate the employee. The voting starts on Wednesday 28/02/2007...
Sydney, Wednesday 21/02/2007
Picture Menu of Our Meals
Picture - Bohemian Party DishYou will have an oppurtunity to watch all our dishes in pictures. Here you can see one of our most famous dishes - Bohemian Party dish (menu number 17) - click to enlarge the picture. So there will be no more surprices what you have ordered - with one exception - Mystery of the Head Chef - you will never see it here.
Sydney, Tuesday, 20/02/2007
Last Sunday Shift in the Kitchen
Picture: Ondrej - Leos - JankoIt was a difficult shift on last Sunday. Ondrej, Leos, Tony and Janko fought with a busy day and with waiters in the kitchen. They made a lot of meals. Afterwards they were rewarded. Birthdays celebrations brought them heaps of alcohol and fun. Leos did not stay alive for a long time. - pictures coming soon (waiting for Pipik's camera).
Sydney, Tuesday, 13/02/2007
Olympic in Prague
Famous Czech Band "Olympic" is going to have a concert in Sydney soonIt's a legend. A famous Czech band is coming to Prague Czech Beer Restaurant. We will have an unique opportunity to meet members of the well-known Czech music band OLYMPIC. When? This Thursday 15th February 2007!!! You can have dinner with them! It is for AUD 35.- only and an authentic Czech beer Bernard for AUD 5.-!
Sydney, Wednesday 21/02/2007
Danka is going to say "Bye Bye"
Our waitress DankaDanka is going to say last Good Bye to her workmates this coming Friday. Danka has been working for almost two years in the restaurant. We will miss her! She should travel around Australia and then come back to Moravia - to a small city Prostejov. You can send her an e-mail on
Sydney, Tuesday, 13/02/2007
Katerina left us!
Katerina Dekanova - our former waitressKacenka left us in January. She is travelling with her boyfriend Michal around Asia. Last messages say she should be all right and enjoying her travelling. Kacenka used to be working in the restaurant since its opening in October 2004. "Thanks Kacko! That was our pleasure to work with you." Bye Bye and good luck to you...
Sydney, Wednesday, 14/02/2007
New Faces in the Restaurant
New faces are coming to us. Our restaurant might have two new employees. We also may have three waitresses called "Veronika". But our old young Veronika has got a nickname Saxana. More info coming soon....
Sydney, Tuesday, 13/02/2007
Ondrej is going to go! ???
Picture: John and OndrejOndrej - our head chef is said to have decided to quit our restaurant. It is a shocking news! Ondrej has been working in the restaurant since its opening. We like Ondrej and it is difficult to imagine that he will not be with us. This is an unofficial news and we would like to be wrong... Ondrej, can you deny that?....
Sydney, Tuesday 13/02/2007
Pavel celebrates 32 years
Pavel Valter - manager of the Prague Czech Beer Restaurant23rd January 2007, that was the date when Pavel celebrated his 32nd birthday. This coming Sunday is planned a celebration. Happy birthday Pavel from all staff!!!
Sydney, Tuesday, 13/02/2007
Promotion - Bernard for 5 AUD / 0.5 lt
Bernard Beer from HumpolecHave you heard about a Czech beer called "Bernard"? You have not? Come and try it out! It is a beer from a family brewery in a small city Humpolec. This brewery was awarded as the most admired company of the Vysocina region. It was founded on the 26th October 1991 and the Bernard beer became quickly known throughout the Czech Republic. It is different to other beers - it is traditional unpasterised. At the moment we offer this beer for a special price AUD 5.-/0.5lt.
Sydney, Tuesday 14/02/2007
Ivan Hates Cricket
Ivan is a deputy manager of our restaurant. He has been living in Australia over 3 years, but he still does not like the australian national sport cricket. The cricket season is in progress now, so I tried to explain him basic rules of cricket. But Ivan considers cricket as - to be diplomatic -a sport of stupid people. On the other hand Ivan loves sport, especially soccer, ice-hockey and tennis. Every week he plays soccer with other employees on the Playstation console, and Ivan seems to be the best player...




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